Although you can send messages with or without attachments through Subscribe-O-Matic, we suggest you always attach at least a notecard with your message, since instant messages from objects are displayed in chat and not as a popup, so online members might miss it.


When you also send them a notecard (or a texture or demo of your latest product), they receive an inventory popup along with your message that won't get lost in chat history. Also, a message can only be about 1000 characters long (SL limitation) so if you want to send longer messages, it's better to send a notecard along with a short introductory message.


Follow these steps to sent a message:

  1. Prepare your notecard, texture or other object you want to attach with your message and drop it from your inventory into your controller's contents.

  2. Prepare a short (up to 1000 characters) message and copy it to your clipboard (so you won't have to type it inside the small chat field).

  3. Touch your controller and select the Send button. At this point, controller will ask you to select an attachment you want to send with your message. Select it by touching one of the buttons in the popup dialog.

  4. When the controller asks you to type your message on channel 95, open your chat bar and either type the message or paste it, prefixing it with /95 and press Enter.

  5. Click the Yes button in the confirmation dialog and your message will start sending. The controller will show you the progress via hovertext and also send you an IM when it's done, so you can safely log off or do anything else while the controller is doing it's work.



If the message doesn't start sending, or you get a script error at any step, check any of the following:

  • It might have taken you too long to type your message - the controller only listens for your message for 60 seconds. In this case, consider preparing your message in advance and paste it inside the chat bar when asked. 

  • Did you send the message on channel 95? Inside the chat bar you should be typing something like "/95 Hi, this is my message." (without the quotes).

  • If you have a lot of old items inside the controller's contents, consider deleting a few of the old items by editing the Controller, going to the Contents tab and deleting your objects (but take care not to delete any scripts).