To set up your Subscribe-O-Matic group for the first time, rez the Subscribe-O-Matic package, unpack it into your inventory and follow these steps:


  1. Rez the object Subscribe-O-Matic Controller (rename me) from your inventory - the first time you do this, we will create a randomly generated password for logging into our web administration panel at, so check your chat history and make note of that password.
  2. Right-click the controller, select Edit and rename it to reflect the name of your group or business (eg. MyCoolStore Updates).
  3. Make a display texture for the kiosks that will invite your customers to touch the kiosk to subscribe to your Subscribe-O-Matic group. We recomment a 512x512px texture. Our premade kiosk designs display this texture in a square aspect ratio, but you can modify the kiosks if you want your texture to be displayed differently.
  4. Rename the texture to “displaytexture” (without the quotes) and drop it inside the Controller's inventory. To do this, right-click the Controller, select Edit, and select the Contents tab from the edit window. Then drag and drop the texture from your inventory into the Contents list.
  5. Log in to the web administration panel at, by using your exact avatar name (login is case sensitive) and the randomly generated password you got in the first step. Go to "Account settings" and enter your group details, like group name, description, business, website, etc. While you're there you should also change your password to something you will remember (please don't use the same password as you use for Second Life).
  6. Place kiosks at your location(s). They should already be displaying your texture. You’re all set to allow people to join your group simply by touching any of your kiosks.

  7. When you are ready to send your first message, touch the Subscribe-O-Matic controller (not the kiosk) and select the Send button from the dialog menu. If you want to send an item as an attachment to your message (a notecard, texture, object), just drop it inside the controller's contents before selecting the Send option.

Your members can also check your message history at any of your kiosks in-world, or subscribe to your personalized RSS feed and track your messages outside Second Life with their favorite newsfeed reader. Your group details with recent messages and list of your kiosks are also displayed on the website in the group directory ( - unless you mark your group as private.


Since members can only access the latest 10 messages from your message history, please remember to occasionally remove old items you keep inside your controller (your controller will warn you when it has more than 10 items in it's contents).