Subscribe-O-Matic is a fast growing communication, marketing, and message delivery service used by hundreds of content creators, virtual enterpreneurs and organizations in Second Life to stay in touch with their customers without requiring them to join a Second Life group.


In short, it's a system similar to Group Notices and allows you to send  messages to any number of members that subscribe to your Subscribe-O-Matic group. Of course, you can also send an object  (picture of your latest design, a gift, a flyer, notecard) along with the message.


Your members are safely stored in a database outside Second Life, so you can have virtually unlimited number of members, and your database is safe from Second Life common issues like asset server issues, script resets, object deletion, inventory loss, etc.  The service allows you to easily drop any number of kiosks at different locations around Second Life and they will all be connected to your Subscribe-O-Matic group.


Joining or unsubscribing for your customers or users is simple - they just click any of your Subscribe-O-Matic kiosks at any location around Second Life. Your members can also check your message history at any of the kiosks or get attachments they might have missed.

What is Subscribe-O-Matic and what it can do for you