If you are looking to migrate your existing users to your Subscribe-O-Matic group, we offer a one-time import of your existing members from your existing in-world group or other similar service.




Before contacting us to migrate your existing members, please check that you meet these conditions:

  • Due to large amount of migration requests we currently only process migrations for groups with more than 100 members.
  • For inworld groups, you need to be the group founder or have the group founder contact MSo Lambert via inworld IM stating they agree with the transfer.
  • In order to import members from other similar services, you will need to provide us with a list either avatar names, avatar keys or both inside a plain text file.


Migrating an in-world group


  1. Open a support ticket and provide us with the following information: your avatar name, name of your Subscribe-O-Matic group, name of your in-world group.

  2. Invite the avatar named "Subscribeomatic"  into your in-world group.

  3. When we let you know the import has been done, we recommend you send a notice to your in-world group informing them of the transfer, and letting them know they can leave the group (or your subscribeomatic group) so they won't receive your same updates twice.

  4. If you also plan on eventually discontinuing your in-world group it's recommended you disable the "Anyone can join" option.


Migrating users from similar services or products


  1. Open a support ticket and provide us with the following information: your avatar name and the name of your Subscribe-O-Matic group. Attach a plain text file, a CSV or Excel file with the list of your current members (their avatar names, keys or both).

  2. If your old service has allowed you to manually add avatars, please include a written confirmation in your ticket stating that you haven't been manually adding users without their knowledge or permission.
  3. We will contact you as soon as we import your users.

We usually try to process all migrations in under 24 hours, but due to occasional large number of requests, it might sometimes take a bit longer to get to your request.