If you think you may have lost, misplaced or broken your Subscribe-O-Matic Controller, you don't need to worry. You won't lose any of your existing members and not only that - new users can still join your group without a problem even if you lost or deleted your controller.


Quick tip: before replacing your controller, it might be a good idea to check if your controller is still somewhere in-world, maybe under the floor or inside another object. In that case the controller will still be listed in your web administration panel under the Devices section. You can click the SLURL to teleport to it in-world. 


Replacing your lost or broken controller


  1. Grab our free Subscribe-O-Matic package from our in-world location or from the Second Life Marketplace, rez it and unpack it into your inventory.

  2. Rez the new controller from the Subscribe-O-Matic folder. It will be named Subscribe-O-Matic controller (rename me).

  3. Right-click the controller, select Edit and rename it to reflect the name of your Subscribe-O-Matic group (eg. MyCoolStore Updates).
  4. Drop your display texture for the kiosks inside the Controller's inventory. To do this, make sure it's named "displaytexture", right-click the controller, select Edit, and select the Contents tab from the edit window. Then drag and drop the texture from your inventory into the Contents list.

  5. You're all set up - and all your existing members and settings are still there :)