Updating your Subscribe-O-Matic to the latest version is fast and easy. If you haven't yet done so, grab the latest version of the free Subscribe-O-Matic package from Subscribe-O-Matic Headquarters in-world or from Second Life Marketplace and follow the steps below to upgrade your controller and kiosks.


Quick tip: you don't need to worry about losing your members. You can safely delete your controller, update it, lose or misplace it, since your members are safely stored in our database. New members will be able to join your group even if your controller isn't rezzed or while you are updating it.


Replacing the controller


  1. Check if there are any items inside the old Controller that you might want to move to the new one (gifts, previously sent items). In that case, move the items to a temporary folder in your inventory.
  2. If you don't have the display texture for your kiosks in your inventory anymore, also make sure you move the "displaytexture" from the old controller into your inventory.
  3. Delete the old controller.
  4. Rez the latest version of the controller from your inventory, right-click it, select Edit and rename it to reflect the name of your group (eg. MyCoolShop Updates).
  5. Move the "displaytexture" into the new controller's contents. Do the same with any items (gifts, etc) you saved from the old controller.



Replacing or updating the kiosks


  1. Teleport to your kiosks and simply delete the old one, and rez a new one from the latest package. Tip: You can easily check your kiosk versions and teleport to their locations from the Devices page.

  2. If you are using custom kiosks, simply rez one of the provided kiosks and move (replace) all the scripts from it to your custom kiosk.


In case you get stuck or need any help, don't hesitate to contact us.