Yes, you can tansfer the ownership of your Subscribe-O-Matic group to another avatar, as long as the group stays for the same business (brand) and the same purpose. To prepare everything for the transfer just follow the steps below.

What the new owner needs to do:

  • Grab our free Subscribe-O-Matic package and set up the Controller and the group (display texture, group name, etc).
  • Place the new kiosks owned by their avatar.

What you (the current owner) need to do:
  • Delete your Controller, kiosks and all other Subscribe-O-Matic devices currently owned by you
  • Open a new ticket requesting the ownership transfer. Don't forget to include the name of your group, your avatar name and the name of the new owner. We will transfer all the members and the subscription plan (including any remaining subscription time or credit) to the new owner. Your existing subscription plan will be converted to the fee 500 member plan and your old group will be renamed to a default name.

Since we need to process the transfer manually, please note that group ownership transfer is currently not available for free subscriptions.